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Warrington Timebank is a membership scheme that provides skill-swapping opportunities for older people.  Our membership is comprised of carers who look after older family members at home, to retired folk just looking to share their interests & hobbies with others. 

How it works is really quite simple: members use the special currency of the timebank called ‘time credits’ to purchase ‘favours’ from other members.   For example, members could buy 1 hour of companionship & friendship from another timebanker with 1 time credit.  This might  allow  a person who cares for another to have a ‘respite break’  - a timebank member keeps their dependant relative company whilst they pop down the shops or spend this new free time to catch up with old friends.

Go visit our Timebank Offers & Wants page now to see the latest adverts from timebank members in your area.

Timebank members at a recent Carers Pamper Trading Day at St Werburghs Community Hub

All kinds of people join Warrington Timebank.  We have members who earn time credits helping others in the timebank with household chores.  Other members are keen green thumbs and can help you with basic gardening tasks.   It’s all about sharing your interests with others and meeting new people – groups of local timebankers come together to listen to local history talks and even set up their own exercise classes to support each other.    

Timebank members share skills, time and favours with each other, believing that one good turn deserves another.  Through the timebank, we can support you to become an Older Persons Befriender.  Get time credits for keeping older people company.  And spend them getting 'favours' from other members.  Find out more about becoming a Befriender by visiting the website Do-it.org

Membership is free and members are under no obligation to earn or spend a minimum amount or time credits.

Frequently asked questions:

What are time credits?

For every hour that you spend helping other Timebank members they will pay you in time credits.  Example:  If you agree to help someone write a letter or fill in a form and it takes you 1 hour, that person pays you 1 time credit.  You spend time credits buying favours from other members.  Example:  a member agrees to run an errand for you and it takes 1 hour.  You pay them the 1 time credit you previously earnt.

What if I have no time at present to earn time credits?

That’s not a problem.  Many Timebankers choose to donate their surplus time credits into the community big pot.  People who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, like carers, can reach into this pot of time credits and take the amount they need to procure favours from other members.

How do I know this membership scheme is safe & trustworthy?

You meet fellow members at regular Timebank Friendship Groups and special Trading Day events that are held in your local community.  You decide if you wish to trade your time with them and where this trade takes place.  Your personal time broker also provides a match-making service to introduce you to other members who can give you their time.  Should the time-trade take place in another members home, the time broker performs a basic risk assessment to ensure the environment is safe prior to the commencement of the trade.   More often that not, members of the timebank convene in groups in public places such as local community centres to swop skills and time with one another.

Members of the timebank who are offering to do favours for others supply 2 character references.  Additionally, if a member is performing a regulated activity (e.g. giving someone a lift in their car to or from a place of care) a CRB check will be performed. 

Timebank members pledging to offer friendship & companionship to older people in their local community.

What’s a time broker?

That’s the person who helps run the local Timebank.  The broker operates a matchmaking service, putting you in contact with other local people to help you exchange skills and earn time credits. 

What if I’m claiming benefits, will becoming a member affect this?

No.  This is because Timebanking is simply a membership scheme.  The earning and spending of time credits is not used in the calculation of any benefits.  And because timebanking is all about meeting new people, sharing skills, and helping your community, Jobcentre Plus is actively promoting membership to jobseekers in Warrington.

Can anyone who lives in Warrington become a member?

Yes, membership is open to all Warrington residents.  We are also interested in recruiting members who are carers of people with dementia – if you belong to this group, we can match you up with other members who can provide you with help & support.

This sounds too good to be true.   What’s the catch?

There is none.  We don’t ask you to commit a minimum number of hours when you join the Timebank.  It costs nothing to join.  It costs nothing to leave. No cash ever changes hands between timebank members – it’s all achieved through time credits.   Your time broker will make sure you’re happy with any service you receive and organise trading days so you can meet up with other Timebankers.

What if I’m a Community Connector / GP/ Social Worker/ Well Being Mentor or other community practitioner and wish to refer a client / patient across to the Time Bank for an Older Person Befriender?  How does that work?

You download our Time Bank referral form  (see attachment section below) and return it to us. We then endeavour to recruit an Older Person Befriender from the local area and support them to provide friendship & companionship to your client.


Where can I find more information?

For more information contact Philip Blocksidge at:

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