Keeping COVID-19 Safe

Keeping COVID-19 Safe

Whilst some of the support you might be giving is about a range of situations which feels like they have a real urgency but it's vital to remember that COVID-19 precautions need to remain and influence how you interact and deliver.


COVID-19 Safety

The most important thing you can do to keep safe as a volunteer is to make sure they are following the recommended social distancing and handwashing behaviours. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - NHS (

For up to date local information, the Warrington Borough Council pages - Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Warrington |

For up to date national information, the UK Government pages - Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support - GOV.UK (

Ideally, you shouldn't be putting yourself at risk and it is not recommended that volunteers should really think about what you do in your own life, the contacts you make and the people you might be in contact with.  If you work from home or have limited contact with lots of people then you are arguably at a reduced risk.  If you are in a position where you see a lot of different people and have to mix with others then you are a higher risk to yourself and the 'vulnerable' people that you are supporting.  Do strongly consider the risk to yourself and others when you decide to volunteer.

If you experience the symptoms of COVID-19, you should not volunteer.  Let your volunteer manager/leader know as soon as possible that you cannot volunteer and focus on being tested and looking after yourself.  You can read more about this here - Coronavirus – looking after yourself and others |

Do not be a 'hero', someone will be able to take your place and those people will still get supported.  It's easy to feel guilty that you aren't helping that day, but better that than potentially passing on the virus.  


C19 Safe Volunteering Practises

Wear a mask if you can.  If you cannot for whatever reason, talk to your volunteer manager / leader and see what roles you can do.  Be aware you may be able to deliver a front line service without a mask on.

Practise good hand hygiene.  Carry sanitiser with you and use it before and after you do you deliver your task.

If you are delivering groceries, medicines or good to people, leave items on the doorstep.  Knock firmly and step back to a two-metre distance.  Keep your mask on and make sure the person collects the item.  Only hand the item to the person that is your contact, do not leave anything with a neighbour or someone else.  If no one answers, take the food parcel or groceries back to your base and tell your leader.  If you have a prescription or medicine, take it back to the pharmacy.  Never take medicines home.


Keep in mind that the messaging hasn't changed.

  • Stay more than two metres away from each other.
  • Reduce the number of surfaces you touch.
  • Wash your hands or wipe with hand sanitiser as often as possible



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