Make Your Volunteering Count!

Make Your Volunteering Count!

5 sessions, each 2.5 hours. One session per week. Fully funded, unaccredited.

Volunteering is essential to ensure our local communities are vibrant and thriving. This course is for volunteers of all calibres, from those who volunteer a few hours a month, to those who run their own clubs. The course carries the ethos that all contributions matter and can be built on. Learners will explore the extent of the positive impact they make to their local communities, become more aware of the skills they bring to their role, and focus on developing their volunteering for the future.

Interested? Contact tutor Stef Woof for more details on course delivery, and how to arrange this training for your group or volunteers:

WVA also deliver an adapted version of this course for adults with learning difficulties, called How to Make Volunteering Count. Each session is 1.5 hours delivered over 9 weeks. The course supports learners to explore the meaning and value of volunteering in local communities, including how volunteering helps local people to live happier lives. The course then supports learners to reflect on their own skills and attributes they could offer as a volunteer. Further support is offered to help them find a volunteering position if they are ready.

If your organisation would be interested in this course for your service users, contact tutor Stef Woof via the email address above. 

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