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1000 Voices Report

Tuesday, December 20, 2022 - 13:06

It’s been approx. 12 months, however the 1000 Voices report for Cheshire and Merseyside has finally been published!

Just to remind you, VSNW were commissioned by NHS England North West to collect 400 first-hand accounts of the COVID-19 pandemic from specific communities across Cheshire & Merseyside to develop a picture of how the pandemic impacted on health, wellbeing and access.

We also undertook this work in Lancashire & Cumbria, and this report is also available now to view.

In terms of what NHS England NW are going to do with this report next, they have produced a blog from the director of commissioning Linda Charles Ozuzu describing the work, the reports including an internal NHS report based off the work (and the remainder of the voices collected in Manchester and Blackpool) has been shared on the NHS Futures platform, and they are also going to be shared with each ICB in the region to inform strategy and service design.

Reports on VSNW website:

NHS England NW blog:

VSNW tweet:

Thanks for everyone involved in this work

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