The Local Compact for Warrington

The Local Compact for Warrington

Working in partnership to improve the quality of life of the people in Warrington.

Access the 2019/22 Local Compact for Warrington

A Local Compact for Warrington


Our Vision is for a strong and sustainable partnership between the third and statutory sector that represents the collective commitment to work together to benefit the citizens of Warrington.

What is a Local Compact?

The government continues to encourage public and third sector groups and organisations to work in partnership for the benefit of their communities. It is recognised that partnership working can lead to improved efficiency, a better understanding of each other's needs and operational limitations and, in many cases results in adding value. The Local Compact for Warrington acknowledges the working relationships between partner agencies, and defines the principles for the management of that relationship.

What is the purpose of the Local Compact?

The purpose of the Local Compact for Warrington is to:

  • Promote a culture of mutual understanding, trust and empowerment between sectors
  • Provide a framework to enhance collaboration and improve working relationships between the sectors
  • Acknowledge the culture, diversity and independent status of the different groups and organisations that make up the sector
  • Encourage integrated ways of working

The Compact defines the relationship between the sectors in order to improve the way they work together. In addition to this it offers a means of supporting the development of the third sector's capacity so that independent accountable third sector groups and organisations can do more to meet their own aims and the shared goals of partners, thereby enhancing their contribution to the community.

Shared Principles

Organisations who have signed up to the local compact agree to fulfil a set of 14 principles to ensure effective and honest partnership working. View the full set of principles.

Shared Agreements by Organisations Adopting the Compact 

The agreement between the public sector and the third sector includes the following:

  • Consultation and Partnership
  • Promoting Equality and Diversity
  • Funding and Accountability

Access the full detailed shared agreements

A Successful Compact

By widening third sector access to decision making processes and creating meaningful opportunities for greater involvement in consultation and participation work between all sectors, the aims of the Local Compact for Warrington will be achieved.

All sectors are invited to adopt the Local Compact for Warrington and take an appropriate share in its implementation and continuing development. All organisations signing up to and adopting the Local Compact for Warrington have agreed to work within the principles of the Compact. See the full list of local organisations who have signed up to the Compact here.

Signing up to the Compact 

Sign up to the Local Compact 

The Local Compact for Warrington will be used as a model of good practice. As far as possible, disputes should be resolved by discussion between the parties involved. However, if this does not resolve the problem, parties can use the complaints procedure of the body involved, or ask a neutral partner to provide mediation. As a last resort parties can use the Compact Dispute Resolution Policy to achieve a result.

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