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The Local Compact for Warrington - Shared Principles

Organisations that have signed up to the Local Compact will:

  1. Work together for the benefit of Warrington's residents
  2. Recognise that voluntary activity is essential and it is a response to community need lying at the heart of a healthy society
  3. Recognise that to nurture a society that will thrive and work well, it needs to have active independent voluntary organisations offering a wide variety and choice from all communities
  4. Recognise that third sector groups and organisations have different roles, but acknowledge that there is more to be gained from working towards common aims together, rather than working separately
  5. Recognise the importance of equality of opportunity for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, age, religious belief, political beliefs, or other ideologies and cultural differences
  6. Understand that by consulting people in third sector organisations, involving them in decisions and helping them take part in the planning and delivery of services, long-term relationships and partnerships between sectors are built.
  7. Recognise that third sector groups and organisations make a valuable contribution to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Warrington.
  8. Understand that all sectors have different ways of evidencing that they are working well and have different parties who they report to but all share the need for; openness; honesty; objectivity; consistency; responsiveness; integrity; leadership; equality; accountability.
  9. Campaigning and advocacy on behalf of beneficiary interest is a key role for third sector groups and organisations. Recognition of this should avoid conflict and disbutes arising, but if they do, signatories will agree on an appropriate dispute resolution procedure.
  10. Recognise that the public sector needs to allocate resources to third sector groups and organisations. These resources include funding, advice and capacity building and are an important part of their relationship.
  11. Agree that the third sector should endeavour to develop new and innovative ways of working, to fill gaps in service provision to meet the needs of Warrington's community.
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