Committees - Purpose

Committees - Purpose

The committee is responsible for the smooth day to day running of the group.  They make sure the group has a place to meet, the people attending are supported and there are the resources to make the group happen.  They are also responsible for making sure everyone is safe and that high standards of service and protection are being met.

Committees can meet as often as they see fit, many who are committees that also deliver the services meet monthly.  A minimum would be to meet every quarter depending on how the organisation is set up and if people other than the committee are running the activities.  We’ll talk more about what committees do as we explore this section.

What Makes A Good Committee Member?

Choosing your committee is a big decision, a good committee can take the organisation to success.  An ineffective committee can break an organisation and cause all kinds of problems.

Sometimes you don’t always get to choose the committee you want depending on how you are set up, sometimes people are voted on by the members.  There are still ways you can make it clear what you need and what would make a good committee member.  You can create a ‘person spec’ with the desired qualities.

Some things you might want to include in your ‘person spec’:

  • A clear understanding of the group and its activities
  • A desire to further the group and grow its services and activities
  • Willing to take on a role in the committee (more information below)
  • Willing to attend and participate in meetings
  • Ability to put the best interests of the group and its members first over their own wishes
  • Understand and be willing to be part of the committee’s self-governance (more information below)
  • Willing to support the members and users and be a point of contact for the committee

You can share this around the membership and those people that are looking to be part of the committee.  Encourage everyone that is thinking of standing for election or thinking of nominating a person that they are going to have to fulfil the criteria.

If you are in a position to form a committee from scratch, these are also the things to think about when you choose the members.

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