Funding Bid Checklist

Funding Bid Checklist

Here is a checklist / process document to help you to compile your funding bid.  As you work through the list, some things will become second nature and you will do them without thinking.  If you are new to funding, however, it’s worth going through step by step.

Technically it doesn’t matter which order some things go in but these points should help you to develop your story.  The points in bold are the key elements to consider.


Are You Fit For Funding?

  • You have a committee of unconnected (not related / married or partnered) people.
  • Do you have a bank account (or in some cases, a Credit Union account) in the name of the organisation with the relevant number of signatories?
  • You work with a current and relevant governing document.
  • You have and adhere to the required policies and procedures (common requests are safeguarding and environmental impact).


Choosing Funders And Making A Start

  • You have the time / inclination / ability to write it.
  • You have read and understood the criteria and are confident you are relevant for the fund.
  • Someone can read it afterwards and provide feedback (WVA can provide this service).
  • The potential funder is a good fit ethically and morally.
  • The monitoring that is required by the funder is achievable.


Forming The Project

  • You have a clear picture of the tasks / mission / purpose of your ORGANISATION
  • The activity you are bidding for is the MAIN ACTIVITY of your organisation or a TOOL you use to engage your service users
  • You have thought through an accurate / sensible and clear BUDGET
  • You can write an accurate description of the community / users and their NEEDS
  • You know that the project is wanted by the people / service users it is aimed at? How do you know? Have they asked for it?
  • You have identified the issue/issues that the project will address.
  • You have thought about how your project will be addressing a NEED rather than just a WANT.
  • You have considered all the RISKS (SWOT/PEST)?


Writing, Reading and Reviewing

  • You are using the application guidance notes to support you.
  • All acronyms or technical jargon is explained.
  • You have only included information relevant to the project within the bid.
  • It makes sense when you read it out loud.
  • It is within the word count.
  • The questions have been answered in the correct boxes.
  • The activities / promises are honest and achievable.
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