Safeguarding & DBS

Safeguarding & DBS

Warrington Voluntary Action does not carry out DBS checks. However, we do support organisations to establish if checks are required and with safeguarding information.


A recommended procedure:

  • Take time to consider your recruitment procedures, ensure that there is a robust process.  This may include interviews and references.
  • Risk asses the opportunity and then the volunteer / staff member doing the opportunity to establish if they are eligible for DBS
  • Complete the application form.  From experience it is easier to sit together and do it.
  • Checks the form and evidence thoroughly, ensuring all the relevent sections have been completed and the information is clear.
  • When the DBS certificate is return to the applicant's address, examine it and note the certificate number.  Do not copy the certificate.

Under the DBS guidelines, it may no longer be necessary to perform checks for certain roles that were traditionally considered worthy of a check (administration for example). Please check our page on regulated activity and workforces for the latest information, and to see whether a check is needed.

We have also created a guidance and advice page as a bit of an extra information to help you complete the form as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

WVA is signposting organisations to APCS, as they offer a competitive electronic DBS service -   This is simply a suggestion of an organisation, WVA is in no way affiliated to APCS. 


WVA can support your organisation with different elements of safeguarding all tailored to your organisation and its requirements.

Policies - The WVA Team can support you with template policies and provide a read through service of existing policies.

Training - We deliver regular training days planned (CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION) and have a range of sessions to suit your needs that can be delivered directly to your organisation.

Safe Practises - The WVA Team can support you with safe recruitment, provide 'walk throughs' of a role to help establish points of risk and help with lone worker procedures.

Networks - WVA is also represented and plugged into safeaguarding networks and forums.  The WVA Team can help you establish which networks may be mutually beneficial for your organisation.

For more information or to access any of our Safeguarding or DBS services, contact Bryan -

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