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E-Learning Volunteer Management This e-learning module will give you a quick overview of what is involved in volunteer management and will cover... Current regulations and requirements Policy and procedure recruitment and retention Managing and motivating Video length: 21:09… Volunteering
E-Learning Volunteer Safeguarding This shortened version will give you an overview of safeguarding so as a volunteer you have an understanding of what it entails. If you are volunteering or in the process of learning about volunteering please note that this is only an overview. How… Safeguarding and Risk, Volunteering
Funding Bid Checklist Here is a checklist / process document to help you to compile your funding bid.  As you work through the list, some things will become second nature and you will do them without thinking.  If you are new to funding, however, it’s worth going through… Funding and Finance
Funding Online Applications Tips There are a whole host of funders now requiring you to submit your bid applications online. There are also varying ways of doing this as we explain in this quick guide to online applications. As with most processes, it seems that most people are now… Funding and Finance
Funding Useful Phrases We have pulled together some words which are a bit more focused or have a more fixed and practical meaning than the sweeping generic 'buzzwords' that so often find their way into funding bids. Acceptance - 'making peace' with a situation / being in… Funding and Finance
Funding Workbook This virtual workbook is designed to help you package an activity or idea into a project so that it can be used for an application to a funder.  Working through the steps should allow you to create a detailed and honest picture of the activities you… Funding and Finance
Fundraising Fundraising can be a time-consuming pursuit but one that can provide a valuable source of additional funding to your good cause. Knowing the facts Across all voluntary sector organisations, almost 25% of all income comes from the public, from… Funding and Finance
Governance - Action and Decision Logs How many times have you arrived at a meeting to find that nobody else has read the minutes either? It's hard to find the time, we're all busy people. Make sure that important information doesn't get lost beneath a pile of 'he said, she said'.… Governance
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About Us

Warrington Voluntary Action supports the development of a vibrant, thriving and sustainable third party sector to meet the diverse needs of local communities. Our values revolve around being passionate, whilst thinking creatively and working collaboratively with others.