Things To Think About

Things To Think About

Before you make your choice about what you want to do and get your team excited about doing a particular task, think wider and about your market.  You wouldn't try and sell your product without doing your research, so don't launch into volunteering without considering some of the logistics.

What type of cause would you like to help?

There are many different services in Warrington, perhaps you have something close to your heart of something that has affected one of your team.  If you are open to suggestion then it is often useful to think about what you don't want to do, rather than what you do.

Can you provide the equipment / materials?

A popular request and activity if painting, gardening or making over a space.  This is a great offer but often the group / community organisation doesn't have the funds to do it.  As a business, are you willing to provide the paint and tools?

Sometimes the organisation might not have the right PPE either, are you able to give your employees the right protection?  

Can you really only give one day?

Whilst it is lovely and much appreciated that you are willing / able to give some time, it can be challenging for an organisation to something for your to do and manage you for a day.  It's not impossible, but be aware your choices will be limited to the capacity of the group / community organisation and how many people you want to be involved in it.

Does your day have to be during the week?

Sometimes the events that can make the most impact (or actually be able to invovled in) are at the weekend.  Fun days, festivals and community events tend to happen at the weekend for maximum attendance and availability of venues etc. Is this something that your business can support?

Does everyone have to go at once?

If you are a big team, it can be overfaceing for a group / community organisation to suddenly get a lot of bodies in one go.  They might not have enough facilities such as refreshment facilities or even toilets.  Are you able to go to more places in smaller groups or help the same organisation on several occasions?

Will this be helping anyone?

One thing to remember is that volunteering is about furthering the cause of the group / organisation.  Whilst there are arguable benefits to your staff, its really about who you are supporting.  Try and be as flexible as you can and think about the many constraints the community group will have.

If you want any more advice, get in touch with WVA.

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