WVA Funding Services

WVA Funding Services

Here to Help...

The WVA Team can support your funding journey:

Someone to Talk to

The WVA Team are happy to discuss your funding needs at any part of the journey.  We can help when you...

  • need to gather all the policies and paperwork to be funding ready
  • are at the very beginning of your idea and are thinking about how to make it happen
  • need to do some research or consultation to see if people want your idea
  • are creating outcomes for your project
  • are compiling a budget / project plan
  • are trying to choose a funder but there are too many to choose from
  • want to find the right words to use but just can't quite reach them
  • need support answering questions that all sound the same
  • have written something and you want a fresh pair of eyes to read it
  • have had a request from a funder for a specific policy or procedure
  • have been turned down by a funder and would like help understanding the feedback

We can help with all those things and can be with you every step of the journey.


Support with monitoring and reports

The funding journey doesn't end with you being awarded the money, there are still reports and forms to complete with the information you gather during your project.  We can help when you...

  • need to start measuring the outcomes of your project
  • are trying to follow the funder's rules on promotion and publicity
  • are gathering information from the people that are taking part
  • are compiling your report.

These are things that can often be forgotten and left to the last minute.


If you feel you need help with any of these things or want to know more, contact James or Bryan

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