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Warrington Disability Partnership, alongside Warrington Voluntary Action, has been commissioned to deliver a project to support those most at risk from coronavirus and encourage vaccine to take up in Warrington. 

What are 'Community Champions'?

A mix of paid staff and volunteers who work directly with local communities to communicate the latest accurate health information to residents.

They will be a trusted voice in their local community, working to encourage take-up of the COVID vaccine, as more people become eligible to receive their jab. They will also feedback on any issues or questions from residents to help make sure the right support is being offered, at the right time.

Read the WBC page here.

Read about the WDP Approach here.

How will they engage with communities?

Community Champions will use a range of methods and materials to communicate timely and accurate information. They will receive relevant training and regular updates so they are able to support communities.

Community Champion Volunteers

If you would like to help support us to work with local communities to communicate the latest accurate health information to residents, you can apply to become a Community Champion volunteer. 

As a Volunteer Champion, you will receive real facts and figures from Public Health, Warrington Borough Council, the UK Government and other trusted sources both locally and nationally about the current Covid situation.  All we ask is that you share the information, resources and posts with your friends, families, neighbours, colleagues etc.  You can do this through your social media profile, a newsletter you compile, your work internal emails (with permission from your employer) or at a club or group you’re part of.  The mission of the project is to reduce the spread of misinformation and to share accurate information.

Enquire here to become a Community Champion Volunteer 


The champions will engage with members of their community through 'COVID Chats'.

These will be short, formal conversations with local people to find out how they are feeling at that moment in time about coronavirus, vaccinations and testing. This will help us to understand what is needed in terms of updated information, advice and guidance.

People engaged with will have the opportunity to take up further support on a wide range of health and wellbeing initiatives including:

  • COVID myth-busting
  • building back confidence and independence
  • understanding the effects of COVID on disabled people
  • lifestyle, health and wellbeing workshops

Information can also be provided in a wide range of accessible formats, including:

  • other languages
  • large print
  • braille
  • easy read
  • video with sign language 

You can also request that the Community Champions join you at local meetings and events.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about the project or would like to speak to a Community Champion, please contact:

For people who have a disability or long-term health condition:


Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA)

WVA is working with a range of local organisations and is taking different approaches to the work.  

If your organisation would like some information on being part of the scheme -


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