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Healthy & Home

Warrington & Halton

Healthy and Home support people from Warrington and Halton who are being discharged from Hospital or NHS services, to make them aware of what Voluntary Sector assistance is available to support their social needs, and link them with services that could enable them to remain safe and happy in their own homes.

What do we do?

We link into services across the voluntary sector

  • Good Neighbours ( Warrington residents only)
  • Debt and Benefits Advice
  • Disability Support Groups and Organisations
  • Bereavement Support Groups
  • Community Activities/ Community Centres
  • Housing Organisations
  • Domestic Violence Support Organisations
  • Homeless Charities and Organisations
  • Befriending Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Support Services
  • Carer Support Organisations
  • Food Banks, Community Pantries etc
  • Dementia Support Groups and Charities
  • Mental Health Support Groups and Charities
  • Community Transport

Make A Referral

Healthy and Home aim to ensure that patients are aware of the voluntary sector organisations that exist, and how they can enable them to remain happy and safe following their discharge from the Hospital.

If you would like to discuss your referral before completing the form, call: 07926443710

Our Criteria for referrals:

  • Patients who are elderly or frail and need some support to return to their own home
  • Individuals suffering from chronic conditions including Long Covid
  • Those living in deprived wards of Warrington and Halton
  • People from our hidden communities; people with a learning disability, people who experience difficulties with their Mental Health, people who have drug and alcohol issues and those suffering from domestic violence.

All referrals to Healthy and Home must be over 18 years old.

About Us

Warrington Voluntary Action supports the development of a vibrant, thriving and sustainable VCSE sector to meet the diverse needs of local communities.