Get Connected

Get Connected

Get Connected project will provide a bespoke package of digital skills, tools and resources to enhance digital transformation throughout Warrington.  The aim is to provide your group with the skills you need to join in with local networks and make your lives a little easier by using technology.

The support will provide will help to sustain the future of community groups by reducing the digital divide and allowing more people to be digitally connected to other groups, information and resources.

We can support you to manage emails, promote your group and your work, manage your information and create easy to use records that make reporting simple, help to use social media sites and video communication programs/apps. Please see below for more details.

As more services and networks become virtual, there has never been a better time to give it a go.  You never know what you'll discover...

Find out more about the things we can help with

We are working as part of the Good Things Foundation and are pleased to be able to provide you access to a range of online courses in digital skills for you as an individual too.  If you want to try some of the courses and explore the subjects talk to Jo and Get Connected will set you up with an account.

For more information about the support your group can get or for information about accessing the Learn My Way courses from the Good Things Foundation, contact Jo - or call 01925 246882

To make a social connection and keep up to date with the latest project news, you can


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