DBS - Regulated Activity / Workforces

DBS - Regulated Activity / Workforces

This information is collated as a guide only.  Read the Government information and take the eiligibility test to ensure that the role is covered under the requirments.

The concept of Regulated Activity is a culture change from the old CRB system.  We no longer work under the concept of specific vulnerable people, we now consider everyone as vulnerable in specific situations. 

In addition to this, the concept of Workforces has been introduced which can also help focus and clarify if there is a need to check.

Section X61. On the form has two lines, the first is to explain the workforce and the second is to declare the applicant’s current or future role title.  There are 3 types of workforce, Adult, Child and Child and Adult.  Declaring this explains why the role is eligible for checking.  Some roles will encompass both the regulated activity and functions of both adult and child and in this instance the form is completed with Child and Adult Workforce


Adult Workforce

  • Anyone delivering regulated activity with persons over 18 years old.
  • Anyone managing those delivering regulated activity to persons over 18 years old.

Regulated Activity in Adult Workforces

Regulated activity (RA) in adults is predominantly based on the notion that the service you are providing is because of illness, age or learning disability preventing that individual from doing it autonomously.  In addition there are those services which are being provided to promote and assist wellbeing of varying levels.

RA in Adults includes…

  • Health Care of any sort delivered at any interval or regularity.
  • Personal Care if due to illness, age or learning disability that individual cannot perform these tasks alone.
  • Social Work in regard to shopping on that person’s behalf with their money or being in charge of their affairs (power of attorney).
  • Conveying individuals (not friends or relatives) to essential services or medical appointments / meetings which will further treatment or wellbeing.

Some interesting notes about Adult RA which would apply to the Third Sector

  • Counselling is included in Health Care.
  • Only delivering First Aid as a sole role (St John’s Ambulance) is RA, being a First Aider with an organisation isn’t RA.
  • RA excludes those people who do not directly deliver any of these services - receptionists / administrators etc.
  • If the volunteer / supporter isn’t delivering an essential task / service which is medically beneficial (prescribed by a medical professional) then it is not RA – e.g a Therapist doing relaxing massage sessions to carers.


Child Workforce

  • Anyone delivering regulated activity with person under 18 years old.
  • Anyone managing those delivering regulated activity to persons under 18 years old.

Regulated Activity in Child Workforces

Work with children is slightly different to that of adults as it has the added notion of frequency attached to it.  There is also a consideration that the role must be for the sole purpose of supporting and/or caring for children.  An act will become RA if it is delivered 4 or more times in 30 days (which will make it become regular and with that make it RA).  In addition to this frequency measure, if the work is being delivered overnight at any occurrence it will become RA.

Exemption often applies on the following groups

  • Supervised volunteers.
  • Peer Exemption applies when a role is delivered by one or more adults.
  • If the role only involves incidental contact with children.

RA in Children includes…

  • Unsupervised activities e.g teaching / leading with no other adults present.
  • Working in ‘specified places’ (schools, children’s homes, childcare premises) on a regular basis.
  • Providing relevant personal care for reasons regarding age, illness, or disability.
  • Acting as a Child Minder or Foster Carer

Some interesting notes about Child RA which would apply to the Third Sector

  • Overnight also applies to any activity which takes place between 0200 and 0600 regardless of the frequency.
  • An electronic communication service (e.g facebook, twitter) designed solely for the use of and engagement with under 18’s is an RA if the person will be using that medium to contact that age group.
  • Driving a vehicle being used only for conveying children and carers or supervisors carried out by the same person frequently is RA.  
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