How Can WVA Help?

How Can WVA Help?


Get in touch and share your thoughts, we can look at your situation and give you some suggestions and advice on how to approach it.

We may ask you some questions you may not have thought about the answers to.  Give yourself a lot of time before the date(s) you would like to volunteer.  Most of the time, this won't happen overnight.


We can help you formulate the 'offer' to local groups / community organisations.

Usually, we send our your offer to our mailing list along with your contact and allow you to connect with the group / organisation to see if you think what they have is the right fit for your team.

Some examples of what usually goes into the offer:

  • How many people you have
  • When you would like to volunteer (days and times)
  • What type of organisation you would like to support
  • What kind of support you are offering
  • A named contact from your business that groups / organisations can connect with.

We have a large list of organisation that we can send your offer out via our mailings.

No Judgement or Obligation

There is no obligation to volunteer.  Volunteering is always a choice.  If you discover that you cannot support a local organisation, we understand.  There are always multiple ways that you can help.  This is why we like to have a chat first.  It's also worth thinking that it might not happen the first time, you might have to make a couple of offers depending on what you would like to do.

Our process is simple and there are often organisations that would be delighted to have you and before you know it, boom!, you are all out there making a difference in your local community.

If you want to chat further about your business helping out in the community you can call WVA on

01925 246880 or

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