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Warrington Food Network

The Warrington Food Network was founded in 2021 and encompasses community groups, charities, faith groups and public sector representatives. We are coming together to ensure local people have access to nutritious, affordable food by sharing ideas, best practice and providing the best possible support to the residents who are experiencing food poverty. We promote and support the delivery of dignified, person-centred services and we develop and build partnerships to support people out of poverty.

Our Mission

“For everyone in Warrington to have equal access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food at all times”

Our Aims

  • To develop sustainable, short and long term solutions to alleviate food poverty within Warrington
  • Create a better understanding of the food provisions available across Warrington within both the community and the public/ voluntary sectors
  • Influence and tackle the underlying causes of food insecurity and develop strong links with connected support services
  • To develop and promote a food support pathway
  • To use the collective knowledge and voice of the Network to represent the community and influence change

Our Principles

Delivering With Dignity - We will champion dignified, person-centred services where the people we support are at the heart of everything we do

Equality - We will seek to ensure there is food support available to everyone who needs it

Partnership - We will work collaboratively to tackle the issue of food insecurity within Warrington and provide the best possible support to the community

Safe Practice - We will promote and maintain safe environments whilst developing and delivering food support provisions within Warrington

Evidence-Based - We will encourage and support data collection and evaluation and will actively seek input and feedback from each other as well as those with lived experience


About Us

Warrington Voluntary Action supports the development of a vibrant, thriving and sustainable third party sector to meet the diverse needs of local communities. Our values revolve around being passionate, whilst thinking creatively and working collaboratively with others.