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Volunteer Coordinator Community

Welcome to the Volunteer Coordinator Community

WVA's Volunteer Coordinator Community offers a space for all those who work with volunteers in Warrington to come together. Whether you coordinate, manage, lead, facilitate. If you work directly with volunteers in Warrington, you are welcome to join.

The Coordinator community aims to bring volunteer coordinators from across Warrington’s VCSE to come together.

  • Networking
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing best practice
  • Sharing successes across the sector
For more information about the network, please email

The Pledge - A tool to inspire

The Pledge - Creating Excellent volunteer experiences

WVA have a number of tools to help groups to grow and improve. Whatever size, age or mission, our quality tools can support you to work out what is best for you so you are running at your most efficient. The Pledge offers groups a tool to inspire and ignite their volunteering programmes. It will help you consider your volunteering programme as a whole and a chance to reflect and improve on practices.

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WVA Tools for Volunteer Managers

Please see below a range of tools available to support you as a volunteer coordinator. If there is anything specific you are looking for that is not listed below, please contact



Creating Volunteer OpportunitiesThis guide is designed to help you through the journey of writing a volunteer advert. It helps you to consider what potential volunteers might like to know about volunteering with your organisation. You might find this helpful when writing a new advert for volunteers.
Managing and Motivating in challenging scenariosThis guide is packed with suggestions and questions to ask yourself when dealing with a challenging situation involving volunteers (or anyone you are leading)
The PledgeThe Pledge is a reflection tool aiming to inspire and ignite volunteering programmes. It will help you consider your volunteering programme as a whole and a chance to reflect and improve on practices.
Volunteer Manager Do's and Don'tsThis is a list of tips, based on elements of volunteer coordinating that we feel are worth discussing or stating. This list is based on general good practice, and is designed to inspire conversation and reflection.
Volunteer Management - Problem Solving Procedure GuidanceThis guide is based on good practice when it comes to problem solving procedures
Volunteering Policy TemplateThis template is intended as a guide for volunteer involving organisations
Volunteer Expenses Policy TemplateThis template is a guide that covers an organisations policy regarding volunteer expenses

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