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Benefits to CSR/ESV volunteering

Business benefits  

  • Improving public image 
  • Creating networks with potential clients and partners 
  • Encouraging team building and internal communication 
  • Increasing employees’ commitment, morale, and motivation 
  • Enhancing the skills of employees through new experiences 
  • Improving levels of recruitment and retention 


Employee benefits  

  • Developing new skills or improving existing skills 
  • Making a difference to society and the environment 
  • Meeting new people and mixing in teams  
  • Exploring new situations and challenges 
  • Building self-confidence 
  • Changing or enhancing the way the individual feels about them-self and their employer 
  • Having fun and adding variety to the daily work routine 


Community benefits 

  • Helps communities to maximise their impact through access to more volunteers, many with specialist skills 
  • Opportunity to widen networks and meet employers and employee representatives 
  • A great way to harness new skills, knowledge, and energy 
  • Brings employers closer to the community giving employees the opportunity to find out about local groups and issues 
  • Creates ways to find common solutions between all sectors 
  • Increases opportunities for people from different backgrounds to work together 

About Us

Warrington Voluntary Action supports the development of a vibrant, thriving and sustainable third party sector to meet the diverse needs of local communities. Our values revolve around being passionate, whilst thinking creatively and working collaboratively with others.